photo (9)P.J. Woods was born in New Jersey as Patricia J. Woods, the pen name used by author and editor, Pat Concodora. She graduated from the former Caldwell College for Women, now Caldwell University, in Caldwell, New Jersey with a B.A. Years later, she graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia with a B.F.A. and an M.F.A.

Professionally, she began as an assistant scientist for Philip Morris in Richmond, Virginia. After working there for four years, she left after her first child was born. Five years and another child later, she re-entered academia for her next two degrees. Her next career led her into interior architecture and eventually her own architectural/commercial interior design business. She served as an adjunct professor at Virginia Commonwealth University as well as on the board of several professional organizations.

She began writing non-fiction in 1990 while working as a freelance writer for a trade magazine where she wrote feature articles and profiles. Her other writing includes the genres of architecture, travel/culture, satire, memoir, mystery, and thrillers. Her former greenhouse full of exotic orchids was a great segue into enjoying island flora when she moved to the Canary Islands for four years in 1998. While there, she wrote narrative non-fiction. Shortly after moving back to the United States she met her tribe in the form of James River Writers, Richmond, Virginia. She has been an active member ever since and attends their writing conferences each fall. She is also an active member of Sisters in Crime (SINC) both nationally and locally, and writes a blog for Lethal Ladies Write, a part of the Richmond Chapter of SINC.

Pat penned a satirical daily blog for two years about living in a hotel called The 411 Guest. (  She is the author of THE HOUR TO REAP, a part of the Harper Simone Mystery series and has just completed its sequel, THE HOUR TO PREY.

In addition to writing, Pat offers research, editing, writing, and ghost writing services to individuals who need help with their manuscripts, and to businesses in need of content management. Her business is called Bon Mots and Prose Publishing. Her website can be viewed at: (

The author lives in Richmond, Virginia.

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